Hey! Welcome to my space! This is where I get to share a bit of my journey and hopefully encourage you in yours too. I could write about all the things I have done and people I have met etc however I feel we live in a society and a time where life is less and less relationships and transparency and is now more likes and views. At the core of who I am, is the reality of who I have become and are becoming because of my relationship with God and because of this, Gods vision for my life has become tattooed in every footstep I take, to make sure I fulfill purpose. Do I always know what that is? Or even looks like? Do I always feel like I am fulfilling? Absolutely not. But I am on a journey , and it’s a tough one at times because walking with God is really walking alongside Him, holding His hand saying ‘I trust you to lead the way’.

As if that’s not a challenge enough life does not stop to let you walk with this God , no life throws balls of tests to the words ‘ I trust you!’ Do I always trust Him…? Yes, but there are often buts to my yes, especially in the times when I have no control over the situation, my eyes always want to peep & see the way so to figure out the why ? what? when? how? See the thing about God is that He often reiterates that we cannot walk by sight but by faith, which in todays society can be a huge contradiction. Todays world demands for us to know the direction and have the 5 and 10 year plan figured out to the T! And yet God just says, yes, walk but trust me with the details. Truth is I have come to find that of the times I have not trusted & walked away…life became empty and shallow and became about what I could do. In those times I often felt drained, tired and even short of resources and even ideas. But Gods love always keeps finding me and reassures me. His plan, purpose , hope and bright future for me wont and will never fail! The more I surrender and give way to Him using my yes as the incubator in which He releases His own plan for my life. Todays society of likes and views can somewhat hinder our view and walk with God because the likes can at times be about affirmation than relationship. Affirmation by man ,or the need of affirmation can also rob us of our most important affirmation in life and that is the affirmation that comes from the relationship we can have with Jesus. For when you are affirmed with God, everyone else’s like or view comes secondary. Meaning affirmation from God is the only one that I know that brings peace ,joy and contentment with it and does not include having to work to fight for His love for you ,its already affirmed, signed, sealed and delivered.

This website is about that walk…and more…the journey & struggle to purpose, fulfilling, victory ,faith & even relationships. Allowing God join the dots of the good and bad in my life and allowing Him use those to empower me to His greater for me. Working in ministry and serving in especially youth ministry, I have come to find that we all go though the same walk but different situations and circumstance but we are all asking the same questions and all looking for someone that could maybe understand where we are at in our walks. I hope this website/my journey or truth, will become a place of nourishment for you and encourages you to take your next step of faith. Feel free to engage and ask me questions on any of the content or even for your own personal questions….I don’t promise to know all the answers, I can only hope to be of encouragement.