Apple Of His Eye

Lyrics by Nono Madolo

Adam bit into the apple!
Not knowing he was the apple of your eye!
Too many times just like Adam!
I have walked away from your presence oh God.

Moses hid in the dessert
Till you found and you led him
To your light
I was lost in my idols
Till you found me and you led me
And All I know
All I know is

Keep me as the apple of your eye
Hide me in the shadow of your wings
I’ll guide my heart for you Oh God
Just keep as the apple of your eye. X2

I found a truth for sure
A love for sure
Enough to make me lift my hands
To let me know
Let me know
Let me know

Right here no fear
Right here no shame
No tears or worries
And when the clouds arise
Still I’ll stand
To give you Praise!

It took a while to get here
It took a while to find me
It took a whle to live again
But your light let me know
Its you I belong
I found you and I knew me
I found you and I knew me


Adam ate the apple
Yes I’m aware
The father sent his son
To make things clear
I’m the apple of the saviours eye
With each blessed new day that passes by
Wrapped up in the arms of the master
Surround by angels of the father
Aint no ipad promo
Help me check my flo yo
Keep it real down here
Its Grace & Nono!